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Drew Barrymore Weighs in on the Upcoming Charlie’s Angels Reboot

If you are excited about the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot, you aren’t alone. Drew Barrymore, who starred as Dylan Sanders in the 2000 film and the 2003 sequel, not only approves of another reboot — she’s actually excited for it.

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In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Barrymore opened up about her close friendship with Cameron Diaz, with whom she costarred in both Charlie’s Angels movies, and talked about the planned reboot.

“I’m just excited for them,” Barrymore said. “Because every generation that brings Charlie’s Angels out into the world is about the power of three women and what they can do, while loving men and wanting to date them or working side by side with them. But there’s just something about Charlie’s Angels that make men and women so happy.” 

She added, “And it’s so positive. So if they keep that alive in this new iteration, it’s just going to be great.”

On her relationship with Diaz, Barrymore said, “[S]he’s my sister. We have much more of that kind of relationship, we’re very honest with each other. We push each other. And we’ve had the majority of our lives spent side by side, really going through what real life is, which is an everyday high and low and we just have each other’s backs.”

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ET previously reported that Elizabeth Banks is set to direct with Kristen Stewart and Lupita Nyong’o rumored to star, but nothing has been confirmed yet. In an interview with the outlet about the reboot, Banks said she wasn’t keen to star because of the physical demands. She also explained why the reboot has taken so long to get on its feet, commenting, “I want to do right by the franchise and by the women that we involve and I want to say something to people and I want the movie to matter,” Banks said.

All we know is that we can’t wait to see the new Charlie’s Angels, especially since so many amazing women are working on the project and there’s at least one franchise alum giving it so much support. 

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