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Blake Shelton Reacts to Fans Criticizing His Recent Drunk Performance

Blake Shelton probably could have handled this fan interaction with a bit more grace. Hollywood Life reports that the country singer tripped on stage and fell at a performance in Oregon over the weekend. Afterward, he put out a call on Twitter on Sunday asking if anyone had footage of the incident. In the same tweet, he admitted that he’d been drinking “a lot” before hitting the stage, which didn’t sit well with some.

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Several fans defended Blake for the fall, saying that anyone might have done the same if they were walking backward and not paying attention, as he seems to be in the video. Others expressed concern over his glib admission. “I thought you quit drinking when you started dating Gwen,” wrote one fan. When someone asked what made them think that, they said, “He made that statement in an interview about her saving his life and that he had given it up, at least for a while.” The interaction continued with this person expressing their concern even further.“It scares me to see talented people and their life get mixed up in alcohol or drugs,” they wrote. “I don’t even want to go to concerts anymore since Prince died. I feel like if I’m just helping them financially to kill themselves slowly. after all if they didn’t have us fans what would they [do?]”

Inquisitr reported in 2017 that Gwen Stefani, Shelton’s partner of several years, asked him to quit drinking in order to lose weight for their wedding day — though there’s been no official engagement announcement. The outlet, as well as others, report that Shelton is still drinking despite Stefani allegedly not wanting him to partake in imbibing alcohol. No matter how she feels about it, Shelton is apparently unconcerned with what anyone — even his fans — think of him or his drinking habits.

When one fan replied to his admission with a reprimand, Shelton clapped back. “So, that’s the type of quality show you put on,…for people that spend their hard earned money to come see you, is for you to show up drunk?” the fan wrote. “That’s some Justin Bieber on Hennessy, throwing up on stage, nonsense right there!”

Shelton quote-tweeted the reply and wrote, “Oh I’m sorry ma’am… This account is meant for people who actually have a sense of humor.. We’re not accepting cry baby tweets today.. Maybe try again tomorrow!” 

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This certainly isn’t the first time Shelton has clapped back at fans on Twitter — who hasn’t? — but that doesn’t mean the snark was necessary. He tweets frequently about drinking to celebrate, including as recently as the Fourth of July, so his admission shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, fans still have the right to express their feelings.

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