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The First This Is Us Season 3 Picture Is Here, & It’s All About Randall & Beth

This Is Us just gave you another reason to cry. But don’t worry, because if you do cry, they will be tears of joy. Season three has officially begun filming, and luckily, series creator Dan Fogelman has posted the first official sneak peek on Twitter for all of us to enjoy. Don’t let the deceptively simple photo fool you; there’s a lot to take away from this seemingly innocuous on-set photo.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Fogelman posted a photo of actors Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth Pearson, and Sterling K. Brown, who viewers know as Randall Pearson, on set and having a really fun time. It’s not clear if these two are in character or just getting fired up before the cameras roll, but either way, the photo is a real window in the joy currently being had on set. Knowing how This Is Us rolls, we don’t expect this happy mood to continue, so we’ll take whatever joy we can get right now. 

Brown and Watson (or could it be Randall and Beth?) aren’t the only ones present in the upbeat scene either. If you look closely, you can see one little arm holding a juice glass on the right side of the frame, and on the left side of the frame, you should be able to spot an older-looking left arm and shoulder. Are those the arms of Annie and Déjà? Does this mean we’ll get at least one fun scene with the Pearsons having breakfast together, as we’ve seen in seasons past? Gosh, we really hope so.  

Brown and Watson were clearly stoked to get back on the set of This Is Us. To celebrate their return, Brown posted of photo of himself and his TV wife hopping out of a golf cart and doing a Drake-inspired dance challenge. It is, in a word, perfect. 

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This joyous first day back at work is, we already know, going to be short-lived. With This Is Us stars Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz recently teasing that the season three premiere left them ugly-crying, we should prepare for another big emotional roller-coaster ride.

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