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Tyra Banks’ Life-Size 2 Costar Announced, & It’s Not Lindsay Lohan

After lots of promises that Lindsay Lohan would be starring opposite her in Life-Size 2, Tyra Banks announced today that the costar role is actually going to someone else. Banks broke the news on Instagram by revealing that Francia Raisa, currently starring on Freeform’s hit show Grownish, will be appearing in the sequel to the popular TV movie.

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“Now filming: LIFE SIZE 2. It’s time y’all! You’ve waited long enough. I’m so excited to announce who will co-star with Eve 2.0…the magnificently fierce @franciaraisa. See you on @freeform this holiday season! #LifeSize2 #ShineBrightShineFar” wrote Banks alongside an adorable pic of her and Raisa hugging.

Raisa also took to social media with the photos to express her excitement over being involved with a fond memory from childhood.

Entertainment Tonight has the whole record of comments Banks made that led fans to believe Lohan would be reprising her role. In August 2017, Banks told ET that she was in talks with Lohan. “I’ve been hitting up Miss Lindsay Lohan in her DMs, like, ‘You in, boo?’ and I think she is excited to come back.” When asked if Lohan was officially signed onto the project she replied, “I think she did.”

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Banks also told Steve Harvey again in April 2018 that Lohan was in for the film. “Lindsay Lohan will… be in Life-Size 2, yes. Yes, I really, really want her to. We’re talking about it right now and she has got to come back!”

But Lohan wasn’t so sure. When ET talked to her in December 2017, she told them “We’ve spoken, but not enough. Maybe when I’m here [in the U.S.] I can talk to her about it.”

Banks has been working on the sequel to this doll-come-to-life story for some time. In January 2014 she told Digital Spy she had a meeting that day to go over the script. The official announcement about the movie didn’t come until 2017, though, when Banks told TV Guide that this new version might be a bit spicier. “This new Life-Size is not going to be the Life-Size that you had back in the day. It’s really going to be Eve growing up and Eve experiencing very adult things because it’s on Freeform. It’s not on Disney anymore, so that should let you know.”

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Though fans would have been thrilled to see Lohan reprise her role, Raisa is a great choice for the job. Fans know her from projects like The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice, The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Dear White People. She’s been playing the role of Yara Shahidi’s roommate on Grownish throughout 2018.

The synopsis of the Life-Size sequel says Raisa will play Grace Manning, the CEO of the toy company (started by her mother) that manufactured the Eve doll. She’s also having a quarter-life crisis, and her wild side is causing the company stock to nosedive. Other cast members announced include Gavin Stenhouse as a potential love interest, Shanica Knowles, Hank Chen and Alison Fernandez.

Look for Life Size 2 hitting screens during Freeform’s Christmas programming in December 2018.

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