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This Nashville Star Already Has a New TV Role

One of the toughest parts of acting has to be the lack of job security. Even if you’re starring in a hit series, every project has to end sometime, and there’s no guarantee a new job will be waiting for you in the wings. So, we have to imagine that Nashville’s Charles Esten has to be thrilled with the new job he’s got after Nashville ends for good in later this month.

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According to Deadline, Esten will have a starring role on TNT’s Tell Me Your Secrets, a new thriller currently filming and starring Amy Brenneman, Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater. Esten will play Saul Barlow, the husband of Brenneman’s character, who is coping with his daughter’s sudden disappearance as best he can by giving up materialistic possessions, further impacting his marriage.

Esten was thrilled to be able to announce the news on Twitter on Monday.

As for the show’s other characters, Rabe will play a “young woman who once looked into the eyes of a dangerous killer” while Linklater is playing “a former predator desperate to find redemption” and Brenneman is a mother grieving the disappearance of her daughter and refusing to give up the search.  

At the upfront presentation in New York in May, one of the executive producers of the show said the series is “quite reflective of society today,” reported TV Insider. “It’s no longer famous people putting their lives out there, it’s everyone. We’re all creating facades. You’re left wondering what’s the real truth behind Instagram? The real truth behind Facebook?”

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Nashville has provided Esten with good practice for delving into complex emotions and trauma. His character, Deacon, has faced hardship after hardship across six seasons, a challenge that he says he found rewarding. Speaking to Variety, the actor said the response he’s received from viewers is one of the things he will miss the most as the show winds down. 

“Storylines are not just storylines if you do them well. They are part of people’s lives so it’s almost incumbent on you to do them as well as you can. There are people who are in recovery; there are people who are fighting cancer; there are people who just lost the one person in their life they could never imagine living without.”

It sounds like Esten has had the perfect preparation for this new series, and fans will be thrilled to see him continuing to attack meaty material. No release date has been announced yet for Tell Me Your Secrets, but if Esten is already on set, there’s a good chance it’s filming now. Keep an eye out.

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