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Tyler Perry Gave Tiffany Haddish a Tesla, & We’re Officially in Tears

Get ready for a serious case of friend envy! Funny lady Tiffany Haddish headed to Instagram this weekend for an uncharacteristically emotional moment. But can you blame her? Haddish was revealing that her friend and Nobody’s Fool director Tyler Perry just gifted her a Tesla. 

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Let’s rewind for a minute, though, because that’s a lot to process. We’ll start back in December 2017, when Haddish confessed during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that her dream car is a Tesla. 

Fast forward to Friday, when Haddish shared a Snap video from Perry to her Instagram. “I wanted to give this to you and say you deserve it and I’m excited for you and all that’s going on. Love you, Tiffany. Proud of you, girl. It’s all yours, here in L.A. waiting for you,” Perry says, panning to a Tesla sitting in his driveway. 

And, well, the typically hilarious Haddish needed a minute to compose herself.

“So I got this message from my friend and Big Brother @tylerperry a week ago,” she shared in an Instagram post. “When I tell you I cried so hard. I almost couldn’t believe it. 1st off a man has never bought me a car out right. I have always had to make payments. This was just out the kindness of his heart.” 

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Haddish went on to joke that Perry is “probably tired of me talking about it all the time” and that she didn’t have to do anything for it other than a good job in their new film, Nobody’s Fool. 

“Thank God for kind people that want to spread happiness. I am now on my way to see if this is Really! Cause I am still waiting on the one @theellenshow said they would let me use for a week,” Haddish added, playfully taking a jab at DeGeneres. 

Haddish will undoubtedly be able to pay Perry back sooner rather than later (if he’d accept payback, which seems unlikely). The Girls’ Trip actor currently has eight movies in various stages of production — including Nobody’s Fool

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