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Gal Gadot Spent Her Weekend Being a Real-Life Superhero for Young Fans

It doesn’t take a Lasso of Truth to tell that Gal Gadot is just as much a superhero in real life as she is on-screen — especially when the Wonder Woman star spends her spare time dressing up as her iconic character to visit young fans in the hospital.

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Over the course of the weekend, Gadot did just that during a surprise visit to Inova Children’s Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia. The actor, who is filming the Wonder Woman sequel in the surrounding areas, smiles in photos shared to social media by hospital staff. 

“Thank you, @GalGadot for visiting us @InovaHealth Children’s Hospital,” wrote Dr. Lucas Collazo. “You are a true Wonder Woman. The kids loved it… and so did the staff.” 

Another hospital employee echoed Dr. Collazo’s sentiments, saying, “Some days are just WONDERFUL!! So grateful for the stunningly gorgeous and kind Gal Gadot for bringing her superpowers to the kids at work!!!”

A fan account for the Wonder Woman sequel shared more photos of Gadot spreading Amazonian cheer to young patients. filming on Wonder Woman 1984 well under way, future hospital visits from Gadot aren’t outside of the realm of possibility. Regardless, though, it’s safe to say Gadot was a hero to the people of Falls Church, Virginia, this weekend. 

It will be a while before the rest of us see Gadot’s heroism in action, on-screen at least — the sequel is set for release in November 2019. However, other exciting details about the follow-up film have emerged to tide fans over until then. 

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Namely, Kristen Wiig has joined the cast as Barbara Minerva, otherwise known as supervillain Cheetah. Not to mention the film is set in the ‘80s. The hair! The fashion! We can’t wait to see how Gadot fares in the neon decade. 

Considering the first Wonder Woman has been hailed as “the best feature ever in the DC film universe,” the sequel has a lot to live up to. But given Gadot’s superhero presence on-screen and off, we have no doubt she’ll deliver. 

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