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We Really Hope This Is the New Charlie’s Angels Cast Because It’s So Good

One of the hottest reboots floating around right now is Charlie’s Angels. With Pitch Perfect 3 director (and one of our favorite female comedic actors) Elizabeth Banks signed on to direct and a still-intact July 2019 release date on the books, curious minds have been eager to know who will play the Angels. Well, we just might have an answer to that burning question.

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Earlier this week, word has popped up at outlets like PopSugar that the three actors cast as Charlie’s Angels are Naomi Scott, Lupita Nyong’o and Kristen Stewart. Sure, it’s a surprising group — each actor’s body of work bears little resemblance to the others — but we think it’s a good kind of surprising. This is the kind of casting shake-up that could make for interesting chemistry and fun results, especially with Banks directing.

PopSugar noted that Sony reached out to say this casting is unconfirmed, which could mean two things. One is that this isn’t the final lineup, in which case we’re all getting excited over nothing. The other is that Sony is trying to keep things as tightly wrapped as possible because any more information leaks could spoil the reboot, in which case refusing to confirm the news is the only option.

All things considered, each actor brings something exciting to the table. Each has been part of a major genre film franchise: Scott was in the Power Rangers reboot and will be seen next in the Aladdin reboot; Nyong’o has appeared in two of the most recent Star Wars films and Black Panther; Stewart has appeared in the Twilight films and action comedy American Ultra. This means they bring their own leading action star quality to the reboot. Add in the fact that each actor is charismatic, in the habit of playing intelligent, independent women and could help give Charlie’s Angels a boost of modernity, and folks, we’re pretty sure this is a winning cast.

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Please start crossing your fingers now that this casting rumor is true. Charlie’s Angels won’t be the same otherwise.

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