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A Lot of People (aka, MasterChef Fans) Are Upset With Prince Charles Right Now

Prince Charles has accidentally managed to make (hopefully temporary) enemies of the entire MasterChef Australia fandom all because he was not shown eating the food the contestants on season 10 cooked for him. 

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In a clip tweeted out by MasterChef Australia on July 4, the contestants are shown gathering together and going into the main tent to mix and mingle with Charles. You can see at certain points that Charles appears to be drinking water (or perhaps a cocktail) but alas, no food. Despite being a judge, the elder royal doesn’t seem interested in letting some of what we have no doubts is ridiculously delicious food pass his lips. 

What gives, good Sir?

Fans of the show quickly hopped onto Twitter to voice their disappointment with Prince Charles’ pathetic efforts on MasterChef Australia, with one person actually posting a meme of an empty plate and making a creative description up for it being empty. Kate Middleton’s New Royal Title After Prince Charles Becomes King Is Familiar

While no explanation was given in the tweet or during the program about why Charles didn’t eat the food, a 2000 article from the BBC makes an excellent point. According to little-known unspoken rule, members of the royal family are encouraged to stay away from certain foods and food groups, including shellfish, rare meats, foreign water supplies or anything too spicy or exotic. This is done to prevent any illnesses getting contracted or, as the BBC refers to it, “disruptions of gastronomic indisposition.”

There’s a good chance Charles may have been observing this rule, but if that’s the case, why would he agree to appear on MasterChef Australia, a show that involves pretty much all of these forbidden food groups? Beats us, that’s for sure. 

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