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Stop Everything, & Listen to Meghan Markle’s New British Accent

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan (née Markle), has only officially been a Brit (by marriage) for a month and a half, but she’s already settling in quite nicely. She’s been attending numerous public events with her husband, Prince Harry, as well as her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II. She’s been picking up on the etiquette of the royal family and sprucing up her wardrobe with bold choices. But perhaps the most curious thing that’s happened in this new chapter of her life involves her accent — it’s changed.

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On Thursday, BuzzFeed published some interesting findings that may indicate Meghan is already using her actor’s ear and is picking up some slight British affectations that are subsequently changing her accent. A video from June 14 (but which is just now getting traction across the internet) shows Meghan greeting and chatting with British citizens. The person taking the video, Aya El Zeiny, speaks directly to Meghan, and it’s during their exchange you can hear Meghan’s voice inflects upward, which is common with a British accent. 

Compare this to another video taken all the way back in January when Meghan was still fairly new to life as a well-to-do Brit, and you can hear that she still sounds rather American.

Reactions have run the gamut from surprised to nonplussed because other Americans have done it in the past to excitedly embracing Meghan’s new lilt.

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Just between us, we’re totally into this new accent, however slight it is. If anything, it’s a sign that Meghan is settling into her new life and feels comfortable in it — all good things in our book.

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