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John Cena & Nikki Bella Actually Aren’t Back Together Like We Thought

We’ve all been rooting for John Cena and Nikki Bella after they unexpectedly called off their engagement in April just one month before their wedding date. Since June, it seemed like things were going swimmingly for their relationship, especially after they allegedly rekindled their romance and then shared some inspirational social media posts pointing toward a solid future together. But it seems that things aren’t as simple as we thought according to a new update from Bella herself on the Bella Twins’ YouTube channel.

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As reported in People magazine, Bella shared a six-minute video update on Sunday in which she explained that despite what’s happening on the most recent episodes of Total Bellas, those episodes were filmed months ago and do not reflect her current relationship with Cena.

“I’ll admit my relationship, it has been in a super-emotional roller coaster ride, and I think it’s hard for people to understand because we film and things get show months after,” she said. “I feel like I have to say what’s the update on John and I, but right now, we are just friends.”

She continued, “We are both working on each other and trying to work on us. We talk every day. He is not only my best friend but he truly is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He has patience with me, and he has really taught me a lot over the past few months. I think one of those things is an inner strength that I thought I had but didn’t realize how strong I had it.”

Bella also said that breakups are hard enough on their own, but going through one and then reliving it on a reality show is especially tough. While she reiterated multiple times that she and Cena are just friends, she also said she has hope for the future. “Hopefully, one day, we will get back together,” she said. “And if we don’t, we just both want each other to be very, very happy.… I am very lucky to be his best friend, and if I don’t, in the end, become his wife, I am lucky to have shared the most amazing six years of my life with that person.”

Bella also took time in her video to give fans a glimpse of what’s to come on the rest of this season of Total Bellas: “The season finale is very tough. I will just warn you all. It’s very honest and raw and real, and you will see why John and I are where we’re at today.” Additionally, she gave fans something to look forward to: a book coming out in 2018, which is currently in the editing stage.

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People magazine notes that Bella and Cena called off their engagement amid reports that their desires for marriage and family were too different to continue their relationship. Since then, Cena has gone on record saying that he has changed his mind about not wanting to have kids, making a public plea on Today in early May. It’s really encouraging to know that these two are working on themselves and their relationship to make sure things are right before they jump into romance again — these things often take time, and it’s important to acknowledge that and move forward with purpose.

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