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Kevin Spacey Is in Even More Hot Water After New Allegations Surface

Kevin Spacey has been laying low since multiple allegations of sexual assault were made against him, both in the United States and in the U.K., beginning in October 2017 with actor Anthony Rapp’s allegations as told to BuzzFeed. While three allegations are already being investigated in the U.K., an additional three have been taken on by Scotland Yard, Variety reports, for a total of six allegations currently being investigated.

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According to Variety, the most recent allegation was made by one man in April who says Spacey sexually assaulted him in Westminster in 1996. Two other allegations were made in February by two different men, with one man saying Space sexually assaulted him in Lambeth in 2008 and the other man saying Spacey sexually assaulted him in Gloucester in 2013. 

Variety reports that each of these allegations is being investigated by the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command of the Metropolitan Police. No details have been released about the nature of these new allegations at this time.

The initial investigation was begun by Scotland Yard in November 2017 after the 2008 allegation. Yet another Lambeth-based sexual assault allegation was brought forward by another man shortly thereafter, that one occurring in 2005. The final allegation of these first three related back to a 2005 case based in Westminster.

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Spacey has not commented on these allegations, nor has he released any statements recently about any of the numerous allegations or ongoing investigation. 

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