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Penelope Disick’s Favorite Things, as Told by Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram

Any parent will tell you that time flies when you have kids. One minute, you’re bringing them home from the hospital all tiny and new, and the next thing you know, they’re taking their first steps. Then driving. Fortunately for Kourtney Kardashian, she doesn’t have to hand over the keys to her Benz just yet — her daughter, Penelope Disick, only just turned 7. 

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Although Penelope isn’t part of the core cast of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she does make the occasional cameo. And she’s a recurring star on her mom’s Instagram feed, which is why we feel like we know the precocious kid. 

Although Kardashian will undoubtedly come to feel like she blinked and Penelope grew up overnight, right now Princess Penelope’s favorite things still reflect the fact that she’s a little girl. Here’s what her mama’s Instagram tells us about Penelope’s hobbies, habits and prized possessions. 

Rainbows & unicorns

Really, what sunny day wouldn’t be made better by lounging on a giant rainbow float and wearing a faux unicorn horn? 

Her mama’s closet

While most little girls like to rummage through their mother’s closets, most little girls don’t have moms with closets as grand as Kardashian’s to go through. Jealous! 

Playing dress-up

What? It’s totally normal for a bunny and an angel to chill in the backyard. Didn’t you know? 

Tea for 3, please

To be honest, a day spent eating scones at a fancy tea party with Kardashian and cousin North West sounds pretty sweet to us too. 

Spa days

Some days, a girl just needs to slip on a terry cloth robe and get pampered, you know? Luckily for Penelope, she’s got a built-in spa crew at the ready. 

Amusement park shenanigans

Like pretty much everyone else on the face of the planet, Penelope is powerless to resist playing amusement park games — even if they are nearly impossible to win. 

Watching sunsets with her little bro

Sunsets are beautiful when you’re older. But when you’re little? They’re pure magic, especially when shared with people you love. 

Being on the water

Not only does Penelope seem like a natural on a boat, but she also rocks what is quite possibly the cutest little boating outfit ever. 


Few flowers are more innocent than daisies, and they seem particularly angelic being held by Penelope (dressed all in white, no less!). 

Really big balloons

If you’re going to have a party, you need to have balloons, and Penelope knows the way to do it right — the bigger the balloons, the better. 

Lounging in the pool

Oh, to be young and spend your summer days lounging on a giant pink flamingo pool float! Penelope has it all figured out already. 

A classic denim jacket

Is it really any surprise that Penelope would already have impeccable taste, as evidenced by this monogrammed jean jacket? Her mom is a self-proclaimed fashion junkie. 

Her cousin-slash-BFF

When your mom and aunt have kids close together, you get to enjoy a fringe benefit: having a built-in BFF! Penelope and cousin North are thick as thieves. 

The Pink Power Ranger

We applaud your choice, young Kardashian. The Pink Power Ranger never goes out of style. 

Living la vida Italia

Bellísima! Penelope looks like she fit in with the locals seamlessly during a vacation to Italy with her fam. 

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Her baby brother

Middle child Penelope doesn’t appear to be jealous of baby brother Reign at all. In this throwback picture, it’s clear she adores her new bro. 

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