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Prince William & Prince Harry Are So Handsome, They Even Make Great Portrait Subjects

Let’s all take a moment to thank Prince Charles, who was gracious enough to share with the world two previously unseen portraits of his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, that once hung in his own home. These never-before-seen paintings remind us just how handsome these princes are, and it’s a glorious reminder indeed.

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According to People magazine, the release of these portraits is part of the celebrations for Prince Charles’ 70th birthday. Among the artwork that was released were the aforementioned studly pictures of William and Harry, which are actually preparatory sketches done by Nicky Phillips. Phillips, it is noted, was in charge of painting the first official dual portrait of the princes back in 2009 (question, though: How did it take that long to get these brothers together into one portrait?

The sketches were also tweeted out side by side by the Royal Collection Trust on Monday, allowing the whole world to truly revel in the quickly made unofficial but still handsome sketches.

People also notes that these portraits, along with others of his family members, including his grandmother, the Queen Mother, and his father, Prince Philip, will make their way off the walls of Highgrove House, the home he shares with the Duchess of Cornwall, commonly known as Camilla Parker-Bowles, and will go on public display at Buckingham Palace when it opens for the summer (July 21 to Sept. 30). 

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It’s always nice to get a closer, more intimate look into the lives of the British royal family. However, this sneak peek was truly special — mostly because we love us some handsome young royals.

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