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Jennifer Lopez’s 10-Year-Old Daughter Got a Book Deal & Will Be Richer Than You Soon

Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme, 10, had a few big meetings on Thursday and may have been able to turn her book idea into a deal. Proud mom J.Lo revealed that Emme has a knack for writing (on top of inheriting those killer dance moves) and that she’s helping Emme parlay that talent into a full-blown book deal. 

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J.Lo hopped onto her Instagram story on Thursday morning to clue in her fans about her big morning outing with Emme. “It’s a very special day! Me and Emme are off to our first book publishers meeting for an idea Emme had for a book,” Lopez revealed. 

But if that didn’t work out, Lopez and Emme had a backup plan. “We’re excited. We have three meetings today,” Lopez revealed to her followers. Here’s hoping one of those publishers was interested in making a deal!

Neither Lopez nor Emme revealed much about the book itself. However, Lopez did post a shot of Emme sitting in the car, holding a draft of her book titled, “Lord Help Me!”

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We’re not sure how the meetings went or what the next steps for Emme and Lopez will be, but we’re definitely excited to see what happens with Emme’s book.

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