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You’ll Never Guess Which Queer Eye Costar Tan France Had a Crush On

Queer Eye‘s clothing expert, Tan France, is very much in love with his husband of 11 years. He talks about his hubby frequently on the Netflix reboot, especially when he’s encouraging the show’s subjects (otherwise known as “heroes” on the show) to make an effort to dress up for their partners. However, like many fans of the series, France admitted in a recent Fab Five interview with Vulture that he may have had a crush on some of his castmates at first sight.

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When Vulture asked the Fab Five — France, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Antoni Porowski — about their first impressions of each other, France spoke first. “Can we make it slightly inappropriate?” he asked. “I kind of had a thing for Jonathan and Karamo on the first day!”

Of course, he quickly backtracked once the word “crush” comes out: “Not really a crush, I just thought they were handsome,” he said. Brown, who’s the series culture expert, refused to let France get away with the retraction.

“You had a crush on me,” Brown said, speaking directly to France. “You told me you had a crush on me.” Oops.

To steer the conversation away from France’s crushes, Van Ness, who handles grooming on the show, jumped in with a description of how the casting call went for the new Queer Eye. “This is truly what happened in casting,” he said. “There was this email that was sent out to this group of us and they were like, ‘This isn’t the time to be a wallflower. We want to see how everyone gets along.'” Since Queer Eye relies heavily on the familylike dynamic between the Fab Five, this directive definitely makes sense. 

Van Ness continued, “So if you could just imagine 40 gay men in a hotel ballroom mingling each other to death at seven in the morning. It was like The Hunger Games meets American Idol, plus RuPaul’s Drag Race, and America’s Next Top Model meets rebooted Queer Eye.” TBH, that sounds like either a brawl or a party waiting to happen. 

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If France found himself drawn to bubbly Van Ness or calm, cool, collected Brown, we don’t blame him. The Fab Five’s interview with Vulture also gives us a little insight into how their “family dynamic” works as well as their thoughts on how Queer Eye is reshaping the narrative of the original series, affecting change in adverse spaces, politics, sex and more. It’s a really amazing read — and gives a lot of insight to the five men who have won America’s hearts.

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