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Céline Dion Confused Fans With a New Hairdo

Raise your hand if you have long hair and you’ve played the back-and-forth internal mind game about whether or not to get bangs. The thing is bangs totally transform a person’s face, so it’s a big deal when you get them, and you can leave some folks doing a double take. This is exactly what happened when Céline Dion revealed a new haircut on Instagram earlier this week, and her fans had some big feelings about it. 

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Entertainment Tonight reports that Dion posted a photo from Tokyo on Instagram on Monday during the first stop on her Asian tour. She’s looking into a mirror and wearing sunglasses, which also contribute to how different she looks… but the fringe really does stand out!

In the Instagram comments, one fan said her look is “superb and modern,” while another wrote, “Lady Gaga, is that you?” The latter is clearly a joke, but we must admit that we’re not used to seeing Dion with bangs. It looks good — just like that amazing print dress and those glasses — and we totally support her mixing up her look. But we can’t blame some of her followers for having to look twice to make sure Dion posted a picture of herself.

When she shared the photo on Twitter, she got even more confused reactions.

One person said, “Someone needs to get fired for forcing you to wear a WIG,” complete with a reaction GIF.

Another wrote, “Omg Céline I didn’t recognize you!!” with a heart-eyes emoji.

Some else said, “At first I thought you looked like Cher.”

This person who wrote, “Is tht u Celine?” seems to have encapsulated most people’s thoughts on the new look.

Wig or no, it’s also possible that the fringe isn’t permanent. Entertainment Tonight notes that although Dion has shared two photos featuring the new look, she also shared one from her Monday night performance in which her bangs are nowhere to be seen. 

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Dion is known for her signature long blond tresses, which she’s rocked for years, but she’s no stranger to unique hairstyles. This InStyle feature shows off some of her most iconic looks, from a perm in the early ’90s to a pixie cut with frosted tips in 2000 to platinum blond locks in 2003. She’s been wearing her hair long and honey-colored since at least 2004, which she complements with dramatic makeup and a little sparkle from time to time.

Would that we could all rock so many styles so flawlessly. We’re definitely into this new look, even if it’s only temporary.

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