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Don’t Believe Any Brad Pitt Dating Rumors You See

There’s a lot going on in Brad Pitt’s life right now, but one of the areas that still fascinates us is his romantic life. Filming a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio? That cool. Being the best dad ever to his kids? Sure, that’s cute, and we’re happy he’s happy. But honestly, we’re curious to know what the deal is with Pitt’s romantic life, especially when there are so many rumors about potential love interests. Who can we believe?

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In a newly released report from Entertainment Tonight, it looks like we have the official answer on where Pitt stands when it comes to dating right now. According to a source close to the actor, dating is not as much of a priority right now, unlike things related to family and work.

“He has gone on dates but he’s not looking to leap into a serious relationship at the moment. He is content on his own and enjoys the quality time he spends with the children when he isn’t working,” the source tells ET

And speaking of jobs and relationships he highly values, for Pitt, the biggest priority is being there for his kids. The source explained that Pitt “is focused on two of the most important things he should be focused on, and those are his children and his work. Being a father is his number one job and he knows that. He will always be there for those children.”

All of this to say that even though Pitt was previously linked to MIT professor Neri Oxman, we can stop wondering if these two will ever officially become an item; it’s not happening anytime soon. Even though he may be “spending more time out and about socializing with his close friends,” as the source details, “he also is still a homebody and appreciates hanging around his place.” 

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With kids and work the full focus for Pitt, if any new dating rumors come up, it’s best to not buy into it until he actually confirms it. 

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