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Bachelor Nation Absolutely Destroyed Wayne Newton

Bachelor Nation is not kind. Never has been, probably never will be. But they’re also not always… wrong.

On Monday night, Wayne Newton — also known as Mr. Las Vegas or The Midnight Idol — made his first-ever appearance on the two-hour dating show (which is not enough — I could watch it all night). Newton helped Becca Kufrin’s suitors write and serenade her with love songs in front of a very large Vegas crowd. And while he proved his singing voice is still smooth like butter, viewers couldn’t get over the way he, well, looked.

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Ouch. We may need to change Bachelor Nation’s name to Burn Nation, because these insults sting.

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Let’s be honest. Bachelor Nation wasn’t completely wrong — Newton doesn’t look like his former spritely self. But guys; he’s 76 years old. Aging naturally isn’t easy for everyone. And thanks to societal expectations that tell men and women that wrinkles and aging signs aren’t attractive, Newton may be trying to hold onto a youthful look, no matter the extremes. Beauty is fleeting, and sadly, we can’t all be ageless superhumans (I’m looking at you Tom Selleck).

While Newton has yet to acknowledge any of the hundreds of tweets that poured in Monday night, Kufrin confirmed she had a grand ol’ time. 

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We say let Newton live his life. We all feel pressure to stay forever young, but in the end, Newton looked happy, his wife looked happy, and we were happy to witness Kufrin’s studs embarrass themselves while singing off-key. It was a win for everyone. 

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