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Fran Drescher Reveals How PTSD Affected Her Health During The Nanny Years

Fran Drescher has gone through so much when it comes to her health, especially in recent years as she has battled uterine cancer. But recently, while giving a talk at women’s social club The Wing in New York City, Drescher opened up about how the lasting effects of a violent attack affected her during one of the happiest times of her life: the years The Nanny was on television.

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Page Six reported on Drescher’s interview at The Wing, where she got candid about the relationship between the silent struggle of PTSD and the way it manifested in the mid-’90s. “I’d been the victim of a violent crime about 10 years before The Nanny, and I hadn’t really dealt with that,” Drescher remarked, referencing the rape she survived in 1985 that she has previously opened up about.

“I had to deal with it once I became famous and it came out, though — thank God I was in therapy! Honestly, I just loved going to work and being Fran Fine, because she was nothing but funny and light, and my life was kind of a mess. I think that was part of why I was so thin,” Drescher explained, continuing, “I look back at some of those episodes, and I remember what was going on behind the scenes, and it wasn’t pretty. When I sold the show [in 1993], I was 142 pounds — and by the time we were in our fifth season, I was maybe 110 pounds. I was burning the candle at both ends.”

Now, Drescher is focused on “honoring her body,” which is truly advice we could all live by. And although she didn’t divulge how specifically she honors her body now, it seems she is in a healthy place and may have pushed through any potentially harmful or unhealthy weight-related issues. Case in point: her opinion about the clothing she took from the set of The Nanny when it wrapped. 

“Most of [the outfits] don’t fit anymore,” she told the audience at the talk. “And I’m really okay with that. I couldn’t be that thin anymore and still look good.”

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Nowadays, Drescher’s career is still thriving, just like she is — if her vivacious selfies and loving photos with friends she’s posted to Instagram are anything to go by. It’s hard to know she had to go through such a harrowing period in her life, especially when she should have been able to really enjoy her success, but to see her on the other side and embracing the good things? Well, that’s a win in our book.

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