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What We Know About the New Guy Jennifer Lawrence Was Spotted Kissing

We feel compelled to alert you to Jennifer Lawrence’s possible new love interest, who she’s been spotted kissing and hanging out with throughout the month of June. Lawrence’s summer is kicking off on a high note, and she looks like she’s having fun. But what we’re wondering is, who is the new guy, exactly?

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According to E! News, Lawrence has been locking lips with art dealer Cooke Maroney. When paparazzi caught up with the pair earlier this week, photos show them having a fun date night at Italian restaurant and wine bar Felice 64 in New York City. They looked super relaxed and happy in each other’s company, with Lawrence throwing her head back at one point to laugh. She and Maroney look like a couple who know how to have some fun. 

That said, we’re still wondering about Maroney. Sure, he looks handsome, and if he’s making Lawrence laugh, no doubt he’s charming. But who is he? We did some digging, and here’s what we found.

He’s an art dealer

The Cut reports that Maroney is based in New York City. Currently the director of the Gladstone Gallery, he represents artists like “Lena Dunham’s father, Carroll Dunham, Richard Prince, Anish Kapoor and Bjork’s ex Matthew Barney.” 

Speaking to The Cut, one source remarked, “He’s definitely respected. He’s not a big player, but he’s a player. I’d say he understands what good art is, as opposed to a lot of art dealers who just like to go to parties and do deals. I know that he likes contemporary but I know he also appreciates modernism. I think he really has solid taste in art and he’s a very good art dealer, and I expect a fruitful career out of him.”

He’s a really tall dude

Sorry, but we can’t help but notice in these photos that Maroney is quite tall. Google tells us Lawrence is 5 feet, 9 inches, so any wild guesses about Maroney’s height are probably fair game. Don’t worry, though, this is as superficial as we’ll get.

They met through a mutual friend

We’re having flashbacks to the story of how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, first met! According to Us Weekly, Maroney and Lawrence were introduced through Lawrence’s friend Laura Simpson. 

He attended NYU & has become a fixture of the NYC social scene

Us Weekly also confirms that Maroney went to New York University, where he studied art history. Since graduating, Maroney has become one of the friendliest faces in various New York City social circles, likely due to his line of work.

He has no social media presence… maybe

In a very enigmatic move, Maroney doesn’t seem to have any confirmed social media presence, despite being a mover and shaker. Some matches for Maroney’s name do pop up on Twitter and Instagram. However, the possible accounts are locked and have a small follower count, so we can’t tell if they actually belong to Maroney. 

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Neither Maroney nor Lawrence has commented on the nature of their relationship yet. For now, all we know is that if Maroney is indeed Lawrence’s next love interest, he’s certainly interesting enough to be worthy of hanging out with her. 

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