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Blake Shelton Didn’t Bounce Back From Miranda Lambert as Quickly as You Think

Blake Shelton rarely mentions his first wife, Miranda Lambert, and his current girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, in the same breath. So when he did exactly that in a preview clip from Sunday Today With Willie Geist (the full episode of which will air Sunday), you knew he was about to take things to a really emotional, meaningful, reflective place. And that’s precisely what he did as he touchingly opened up about just how deeply he was affected by his divorce from Lambert and the ways in which Stefani has become his biggest supporter during the three years they’ve been together.

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“When I was going through my divorce and just, you know, hit rock bottom just like anybody does when they go through something that devastating,” Shelton revealed to Geist (and as reported by Us Weekly), “it’s a miracle that I met somebody that was going through the same exact thing that I was at the same exact moment in time.”

That “somebody” was Stefani, and that “same exact moment in time” is in reference to Stefani’s divorce from her first husband of nearly 14 years, Gavin Rossdale. While Stefani and Rossdale’s divorce wasn’t finalized until 2016, the pair had long since split when she and Shelton found one another while working together on The Voice in 2015.
// as smitten as the two were in those early days, Shelton — to this day — readily admits that he never thought that his relationship with Stefani was going to be anything more than a temporary fling. 

“I think if Gwen and I were being honest right now talking about this, I think in the back of our minds, we both kind of thought this is a rebound deal because we’re both coming out of a pretty low spot in our lives, and we’re kind of clinging to each other to get through this,” Shelton tells Geist in the preview clip.

Shelton’s vulnerability is an eye-opener, to be sure, but it’s just as interesting to take a step back and see that what they thought was just going to be a casual rebound to work through some serious heartbreak became a devoted, serious partnership.

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And while the two have hinted at marriage, right now it seems they just really enjoy lifting one another up and building a great life together and with Stefani’s two sons from her previous marriage. If you don’t believe us, just take it from Shelton, who remarked to Geist, “Now here we are, going on three years later, and every day that goes by just feels like a stronger bond between the two of us, and it constantly feels like it’s going to the next level. That’s the way I think either one of us would probably describe it if she was sitting here.”

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