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Andy Cohen Explains His ‘Sweet’ Relationship With John Mayer

Single guys who love dogs need not worry about their chances with Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen. According to a new interview with CNN, the talk show and radio host, author and producer is not dating close pal John Mayer despite widespread rumors that their relationship is more than platonic.

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“Listen, we have a very sweet friendship, and we are together all the time,” Cohen said of Mayer. He added, “I think that I was not surprised because we also have a great love for each other. So, it just seems like the obvious assumption.” When asked again to confirm that he and Mayer aren’t dating, Cohen said, “Right, we aren’t dating.”

Cohen is no stranger to talking about that strictly platonic love on Instagram, including a sweet photo from his 50th birthday party.

Mayer also posted a photo from the event, writing, “Made it just in time to give a hug to the birthday boy, strum a few songs, and take this photo with NASA-level filtering on it.”

On the birthday episode of Watch What Happens Live, Mayer addressed the dating rumors himself while he acted as host on the episode.

“Do you think people wonder if we’re in a secret relationship?” Mayer asked. “We get a lot of nods from behind the bar.”

The comment came after Cohen quipped, “I feel like I know your body too.”

The two also joked about Mayer’s torrid dating history. The musician has a reputation for being a playboy and has written several heartbreaking songs about failed romance. If he and Cohen were dating, the lyrical fodder would be devastating based on how publicly they declare their love for one another on a regular basis.

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In the CNN interview, Cohen clearly couldn’t resist digging into the dating rumors with another joke when asked what he’s looking for in a potential partner. “Someone who is like John Mayer,” he said. “Just kidding. What am I looking for? I’m looking for someone strong, independent, smart, who has their own thing going on.”

Cohen also admitted that, as best friends do, he FaceTimed with Mayer at 2 a.m. the night before his CNN interview. He then went on to talk about his love of dogs, particularly Wacha, his rescue pet and his first dog. The pair recently teamed up with Purina One for an ad campaign that promotes shelter dogs and education for K through 12 students.

From the sounds of it, Cohen doesn’t even have time to be dating. We hope he finds the right guy soon and that his friendship with Mayer continues bringing them both strictly platonic joy.

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