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How Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Have Really Kept Their Love Alive After 21 Years

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw may be the queen and king of country music, but it isn’t just country fans inspired by their long-lasting relationship. Everyone wants to know the secret to this power couple’s love story! And as part of People’s July cover story, the pair is opening up about how they continue to make their marriage work after more than two decades together.

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McGraw and Hill are currently making the most of their time together by touring à deux on their “Soul2Soul: The World Tour” — and they consider themselves pretty fortunate to do so. “It’s such a rare thing to be able to experience what we do for a living, and to do it together, really feels like all the moments are special,” McGraw told People. together again at this particular junction in their marriage has also given Hill and McGraw a chance to connect in a way they hadn’t been able to yet. “In all of our years together, we’ve never been in the studio at the same time for any of our duets,” said Hill, adding, “It was nice to be together for the creative process.”

While a lot has changed since Hill and McGraw first met and soon after fell in love so many years ago, a lot has remained the same too. The couple is still clearly crazy about each other. And they still honor their favorite touring tradition. “Tim and I share a quick quiet moment together before hitting the stage. Always praying,” Hill said.

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What’s that the kids say? We can’t even with these two. They’re the sweetest! In case you had any lingering doubts about that, consider the fact that they still make date night a priority — even though they work together every single day.  

Just recently, the pair caught a Bruce Springsteen concert on Broadway. These days, though, most date nights look a lot like ours do.   

“Funny, as we get older it’s less about the big gestures and more about just spending the time together at home,” admitted McGraw. “For our 20th wedding anniversary, we stayed home, in our pajamas and watched TV. We loved it.”

While it would be easy to imagine the novelty of watching each other perform having worn off after so many years, McGraw and Hill still feel like they did when she was his opening act on the 1996 “Spontaneous Combustion Tour.”

“I watch him perform and still to this day I’m awed by it,” Hill said. She elaborated, “Tim is the absolute best entertainer, hands down. He can bring a crowd to their feet with the motion of his hand. He knows how to deliver songs to the fans and make them feel like he’s singing to them.”

McGraw can’t help but gush about his wife too, saying, “She’s such a powerhouse that it forces me to raise my game every night.” He also swears he could “listen to her sing all night.” In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2017, McGraw even commented about one of his wife’s hidden talents that has emerged on tour, saying, “Faith’s dance moves have been surprising me! She’s bringing out Beyonce on this tour!”

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But even though the couple is still just as in love as they were 21 years ago, they don’t make any false pretenses about their age or what it took to get them to this point. “It’s an honor to be up on stage with this 50-year-old man!” Hill, also 50, told EW, prompting McGraw, now 51, to joke, “She’s got my can ready for me every night.”

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