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Natalie Portman Has Her Eye on Changing TV in a Revolutionary Way

Natalie Portman is making some interesting career moves these days and it’s all centered around food. Not only is she partaking in the promotion of the documentary Eating Animals, which she narrates and which takes a hard, critical look at the reasons we still eating animal products and why we do it, but she’s now also speaking up about how she wants to change the face of cooking shows so that it reflects a healthier, more positive view on veganism.

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While chatting during a Q&A panel following the film’s premiere recently, she revealed her big dream. “I’ll share with you guys my dream. It would be my dream to make one of those cooking shows, but only for vegan food. It could provide you with a starter kit if you want to be a vegan,” she told the crowd (and as it was reported by IndieWire). 

Portman nailed the remark with a sharp quip while also showing the audience she was serious about what she meant: “If anyone here wants to buy it, I’ll be taking offers in the lobby after this.”

Portman, who has been a vegan for several years, explained during another interview (this time with Hoda Kotb for a Sirius XM Town Hall), how she was moved towards veganism and why she is so keen on spreading the word about veganism along with promoting Eating Animals.

“I read the [Jonathan Safran Foer’s book, Eating Animals] … and immediately called Jonathan, who’s a friend, and said, ‘Can we make a documentary about it?’ It just really illuminates all of the consequences of factory farming, which is more than 99 percent of how animals are raised,” Portman explained to Kotb.

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While Portman has never done TV before, the idea of her working to make her dream a reality is an intriguing one. While various cooking shows spotlight vegan and vegetarian recipes from time to time, the idea of a cooking show completely devoted to vegan cooking is still quite new and revolutionary. If Portman does want to make this dream a reality (and she certainly could, given how passionately she feels about the subject), there could definitely been some room there to make it happen. 

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