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Gwen Stefani Gave Blake Shelton the Most Patriotic Birthday Gift

Monday, June 18 was Blake Shelton’s 42nd birthday, and boy, did he celebrate it in style. The country singer spent his special day with his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, and the day was complete with lots of laughs and relaxed, fun times. But we’re pretty sure his all-American heart was filled with love when Stefani gifted to him a very patriotic and creative present: a new flagpole!

Over on Stefani’s Instagram, The duo posed for a selfie that made Shelton’s joy with the present pretty obvious. And is that a self-satisfied grin on Gwen Stefani or what?

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Stefani revealed the new addition to Shelton with a helicopter ride over his property. She posted the video to her Instagram Stories as she prompted him to notice if anything was new outside his window. His surprised “Ohhhhh!” is delightful when he sees the gift. We give the girl props. It takes guts to change a person’s property.

In fact, Shelton had an entire weekend of celebration, and Stefani was happy to document the whole thing, sharing updates to Instagram as the couple spent time with family. People reported that the festivities started with a dinner with Stefani’s family, where the pop star sang Happy Birthday to Shelton while filming the celebratory desserts and even a table sparkler. “Bday weekend has begun!! Happy birthday dear Blakey!” she captioned the moment. (Aw, Blakey — how cute.) 

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The party moved to Oklahoma as a few family members, including Stefani’s sons, joined the couple at Shelton’s lakeside home. Shelton helped carry a cooler into a tiki hut where he opened it to find a custom cake sent from his vodka brand, Smithworks. The cake, an oversize bottle of Smithworks, looked delicious, and Shelton dove right in to take a bite out of it. We don’t blame him. We would have done the same.

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The best part of the weekend for Shelton had to be that he was surrounded by loved ones and is so deeply content in his life with Stefani. He’s even made her Christmas album photo his Instagram avatar. If that’s not modern love, we don’t know what is.

Happy birthday, Blake. And congrats, Gwen. You win the award for best present ever.

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