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Orlando Bloom Admits He Had a Crush on Another Star Before Dating Katy Perry

James Corden has taken his Late Late Show back to his hometown of London, and on Monday’s episode, we learned a sweet little factoid straight from the mouth of one of Corden’s guests, Orlando Bloom. During Corden’s chat with Bloom, the hunky Brit let slip that he had a huge celebrity crush on someone from his Lord of the Rings days, and no, it wasn’t Katy Perry. 

During the episode, both Bloom and his former LOTR costar, Cate Blanchett, were guests, so when Corden brought up the LOTR connection, asking Bloom about his first impression of Blanchett, he admitted to having major feelings for her during filming. 

Bloom waffled for just a moment before answering Corden’s question about what he thought of Blanchett. Then he looked at his costar and unburdened his heart. “I can’t think — I had such a crush. I had the biggest crush on you. Well, Legolas has a crush and then I had the biggest crush on you.”

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Blanchett gracefully picked up on his qualification, holding his hand while saying, “Oh, it was your character.” Bloom replied in earnest, “No, it was me.” 

Blanchett was clearly surprised and a little flattered at the revelation as she flipped her hair and acknowledged that she had no idea. Work it, girl! For her part, she might have broken Bloom’s heart when she admitted that she didn’t know who Bloom was on set. With his blond wig and blue contacts he donned to play Legolas, he didn’t look anything like the “really cute guy out of drama school” that she saw at the cast parties. Bloom joked that at those moments he was just “walking around spying on her from the corner of the room.”

“In a non-creepy way,” Blanchett interjected, so maybe she did notice him a little after all?

The whole thing was the kind of cute confession that can only come when enough time has passed. Like telling your high school crush that you were really into them during the reunion. It’s a great moment when you can revel in the idea that all those butterfly days have gone by and enjoy the peaceful adult status of your relationship now.

The could-have-been couple shared the couch to discuss their latest projects. Blanchett is starring in Oceans 8, while Bloom is taking a turn on the stage, performing in a West End revival of the play Killer Joe.

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Even though there was a crushworthy celeb in Bloom’s life before Katy Perry, she has nothing to worry about; Blanchett has been married for more than 20 years to screenwriter Andrew Upton. Nothing but a sweet moment between good old friends.

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