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Chris Pratt Spotted Laughing With Another Famous Woman, so, Obviously, He’s Dating

If there’s one downside to being famous, it has to be the microscope the public puts you under. The way every movement is analyzed or statement is pulled apart, it can create a real pressure cooker of a situation. So, it’s best — as the public — to try to cut back on scrutiny when possible, which makes this new story about Chris Pratt possibly having a new love interest really roll our eyes. Pratt may be an eligible bachelor, and yes, he may be dating again, but should we start presuming that every woman he’s spotted with is a new love interest?

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On Father’s Day, Pratt was spotted with Katherine Schwarzenegger, the eldest daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. The pair apparently spent time at a Santa Barbara, California, park according to the Daily Mail. As it happens, the Mail also included photos of the pair laughing together over a simple lunch of picnic food, implying the pair really got along well and had fun in one another’s company. The story also noted that they drove together and stopped for gas in Pratt’s car. Those are really the only details we have, and we can’t confirm what else Pratt and Schwarzenegger did during their time together. 

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Schwarzenegger’s name may ring a bell, but she’s a fairly fresh face in the celebrity world. Aside from her famous family, Schwarzenegger has published three books and is a regular contributor to InStyle magazine with a video advice column according to her website. She’s an animal advocate and an ambassador for the ASPCA. Her children’s book, Maverick and Meis based on a dog she adopted. In 2016, she spoke to Marie Claire about her perspective on life as a young, career-focused woman. She applauded her mother for making her work in a clothing store in her teens. “My mom told me that everyone should either work in a clothing store or a restaurant because it teaches you so much about people. I really agree with that.” 

Listen, all we’re saying is that there are plenty of reasons why these two might have been spending time together, and we don’t need to immediately assume it was for romantic purposes. Yes, it’s exciting to wonder what’s up, especially because we’ve never seen these two out in public before, and yes, it would be great to celebrate a new celebrity couple coming together. But just because two single, famous people happen to be hanging out, we don’t need to jump to conclusions.

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Whenever Pratt decides to date again, we’ll be happy to see him find someone who makes him happy. And if Schwarzenegger is actually his next great love interest, then more power to them; we can’t wait to see how that relationship develops if there is a relationship to begin with. Until then, though, let’s let the guy enjoy a day at the park with a friend.

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