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Alicia Silverstone Is Dating Again & Finds It ‘Very Fascinating’

Since Alicia Silverstone shot to superstardom as Cher Horowitz in Clueless, she’s mostly put acting on the back burner and instead focused on animal activism and growing a family. However, in a new interview with Redbook, she said she realized that she can change the world and perform, so she’s been appearing in films again. She’s also reentering the dating world.

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“I went on a quest to change the world … and then one day I went, ‘Wait, I want to act too. What’s going on?'” Silverstone said. The realization led her to roles in 2017’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul and the acclaimed The Killing of a Sacred Deer as well as Book Club, which hit theaters last month. 

While Silverstone is currently starring as Bonnie in the Paramount Network comedy series American Woman, she’s not letting work take over her whole life. Silverstone recently split from her husband, Chris Jarecki. After more than 20 years together, the couple announced their decision in February, and Silverstone officially filed for divorce in late May according to Us Weekly. The dating scene has changed pretty significantly in the past two decades, and Silverstone, who’s currently co-parenting 7-year-old Bear Blu with Jarecki, said she finds it “very fascinating.”

“I go on dates, and I find it very fascinating meeting interesting, intelligent, different people,” she told Redbook. “I’m super excited about being available and open to whatever’s next. Of course, there’s tons about it that’s confusing. I call my girlfriends and I’m like, ‘What does this mean?'”

Despite her excitement to be dating again, Silverstone was candid about how tough it’s been to end her marriage. “Obviously, it’s heartbreaking,” she said. “You don’t ever think you’ll be apart when you get married. All I can really say is that we’ll co-parent Bear together, and this is completely a good thing for both of us.”

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On her role in American Woman, she told Us, “I read the script and loved the story and thought it was great … I just fell in love with the role, I thought, ‘What an incredible role for an actress to do, to get to be so many different things and to get to be so strong and so vulnerable.’ She goes through so much and she’s just fighting for her life.”

We’re really excited to see Silverstone acting again, especially in such a heavy role that draws on a lot of her own life experiences. It will be great to see where she goes from here as a mom, an advocate, an actor and a person. 

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