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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s New Custody Agreement Made Pitt’s Father’s Day

It’s been a tumultuous year for the Jolie-Pitt family, but it seems they may have finally turned a corner. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s children, who have seen noticeably less of their dad since their parents’ split, joined him in London to celebrate Father’s Day.

Jolie and the kids are currently staying in London while she films Maleficent 2. Pitt presumably hopped the pond simply to squeeze in more time with the kids before he has to report for filming in Los Angeles (he’s starring in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood).

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This development is a big deal for the family, given that only last week, a judge ordered Jolie to allow Pitt to spend more quality time with their kids: Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 9. (Maddox, 16, was judged old enough to make his own decisions about spending time with Pitt.)

According to court documents obtained by People, the judge ruled that “the children not having a relationship with their father is harmful to them.” The court deemed Pitt “safe” for the children to be around and, accordingly, underscored that “it is critical each of [the six] children have a healthy and strong relationship with their father and mother.”

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CNN reports that the court came up with a summer custody schedule that would allow Pitt to spend more time with the kids. If Jolie fails to comply, it may result in the court awarding primary physical custody to Pitt.

Jolie is reportedly “emotional and concerned” over the new custody agreement, says However, she kept busy during Pitt’s Father’s Day visit with the kids with a trip of her own. As part of her humanitarian work with the UN Refugee Agency, Jolie made her fifth visit to Iraq (and her 61st mission trip) with a visit to West Mosul.

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“This is the worst devastation I have seen in all my years working with UNHCR. People here have lost everything: their homes are destroyed. They are destitute. They have no medicine for their children, and many have no running water or basic services. They are still surrounded by bodies in the rubble. After the unimaginable trauma of the occupation, they are now trying to rebuild their homes, often with little or no assistance,” Jolie said among ruins of the city, which was liberated from ISIS less than a year ago.

Jolie hailed the people for their strength and sense of community but stressed that “they need our assistance.”

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