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Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter Danced in a J.Lo-Themed Recital, & Yes, It’s Amazing

Jennifer Lopez must be feeling like one very proud mama right now because on Wednesday night, she got to watch her daughter, 10-year-old Emme, dance to multiple songs that Lopez herself sang during a dance recital. Can you even imagine how great (and surreal) that must have been?

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According to Lopez’s Instagram, the recital happened on the evening of Wednesday, June 13. Lopez posted a just one very happy, post-recital group photo featuring herself, her partner, Alex Rodriguez, and her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, along with their respective children. Emme appears in the center of the shot, looking so thrilled and happy to be surrounded by the people she loves. Actually, everyone is looking very happy in each other’s company and Lopez’s simple caption, the hashtag #familiaprimero (“family first” in Spanish), seems to echo that. 

As InStyle reported, this Miami dance recital wasn’t just for Emme to show off her killer dance moves. She was actually joined by Rodriguez’s daughters, Natasha, 13, and Ella, 10, both onstage and, for the aforementioned chill family photo, which you can revisit above.  

Before the girls even took to the stage on Wednesday night, Lopez was busy hyping up the event and giving fans a look behind the scenes as she helped all three of the girls prepare for their big night on stage. At various points in the evening, Lopez was either a photographer or a make-up artist, making the final touches on the girls looks or snapping a quick shot of them to post on her Instagram story. Just look at these precious photos: 

But of course, nothing quite compared to the actual recital, which was all decked out with slideshows of still photos of Lopez’s face and clips from her most famous music videos. We were only able to grab a snapshot of one of the best moments from her Instagram Story, but you really should head over there yourself and watch the whole thing in all its glory.

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Perhaps the sweetest part of all of this was the fact that both Lopez and Rodriguez’s daughters were able to come together and dance in the same recital. This is just another instance where it’s clear that this celebrity couple is having great success blending their families and, better still, the kids are really loving it, too.

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