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Tracee Ellis Ross Laughs at Fake News Story Written About Her

Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross is known for being outspoken. She’s made her views on topics like feminism, being a single woman over 40 and equal pay quite clear. But she also readily shows she can laugh, as she did on Monday when she took to Twitter to call out a fake news headline — and have a good laugh about it.

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Per her tweet, the post shows a headline touting what seems to be an ad for a multilevel marketing operation. “Exclusive Report: A Former Hairdresser From Zambia Earns $8600 A Month Without Leaving Her Home” it reads over a photo of Ross lounging on a couch, looking fabulous, as always.

Ross joked in the caption, “So apparently I have a side hustle… and it’s doing pretty well!”

There are plenty of stories of celebrities suing publications over fake news headlines, but maybe Ross is giving grace to this one, assuming it wouldn’t be worth her time. Thankfully, her lighthearted response to the situation was met with glee from some of her fans.

“Always wondered how your hair looked SO good ALL of the time!” said one reply.

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A few people noted how very wrong the ad was in so many ways. “’Mokgobu’ isn’t even a Zambian name but we accept you as Zambians to be one of us” one fan remarked.

This incident is yet another example of why we have always been huge fans of Ross, one of the funniest women in Hollywood who loves to laugh at herself. Recently, she posted a short video of herself shaking her booty while waiting for an elevator.

“Waiting for the elevator…you know, like how you wait for the elevator,” she captioned the video, which led us to wonder how the person shooting the video wasn’t cracking up watching her.

She took the same theme over to Instagram in May, posting a video with her nephew in the kitchen jamming out to Usher. The girl’s got moves!

She even managed to find fun in the makeup chair, posting a short vid wishing everyone a happy Tuesday from behind lipstick blotting paper. That’s some talent.

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👄🤦🏾‍♀️🤣 ~ happy tuesday

A post shared by Tracee Ellis Ross (@traceeellisross) on

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We could go on, but you get the idea. Thank you, Tracee Ellis Ross, for helping us remember to keep things in perspective and find a way to laugh today.

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