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Shawna Thompson Reflects on Parenting With Husband Keifer Ahead of Father’s Day

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By Shawna Thompson

A nurturer, a caregiver, a mentor, a confidant, a teacher, a provider, a friend. When I think of my own late father, these all come to mind. From the moment I met Keifer, these were all the things I looked for in him, whether I realized it or not. I’ve heard that we girls look for characteristics of our father in our mates. Now that Keifer is a father, it’s never been more evident.

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From boyfriend to partner to partner in parenting, it has been an amazing metamorphosis to witness. The way he gently touches Cooper’s face or rushes to console him after he has scraped his knee or hearing him read books to Cooper in such a soft, loving voice at night before bedtime. People say you can’t see God, but since Cooper’s arrival, I say they are wrong. I see him daily when I see Keifer being a father to our sweet boy. You see, Keifer and I actually thought we didn’t want kids, and about three years ago, he started talking about them and wanted to actually hold babies. Ha! He actually held a friend’s baby who spit up on him, but he didn’t flinch. That’s the moment I knew he had baby fever. We talked about trying for a baby and how it would possibly affect our career and realized we didn’t want our career to get in the way of life. So, a few months later, we were pregnant.

Through pregnancy, I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive husband. He cooked and cleaned and spoiled me rotten. And with Cooper’s arrival, he changed every diaper and was up with me for every nursing. Even through a short bout of postpartum blues, he was there to support and lift me up on the worst days. There is something that happens when you become a mom. There are moments when you feel like you lose just a bit of yourself. He always made me feel beautiful and helped me find my way back to being Shawna.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Keifer any more, Cooper enters our lives and has shown us what pure love and joy are all about. Having him on the road with us has been such a blessing (although I’m sure our band and crew think differently). It can be a bit of a circus some days with a toddler, two dogs, a nanny, a band and a crew on a tour bus, but with the chaos, we know we are making some incredible memories along the way. I’m so excited for our future as parents and being able to observe Keifer as a father for the rest of our lives. All the little moments to come from that first soccer game, first bicycle ride, first talk about girls, morning-after football game talks, decisions on college and guiding him through life and praying that he finds that special someone that loves him unconditionally and is his best friend.

Shawna and Cooper Thompsn

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On behalf of all the moms, I say to all the incredibly supportive dads, happy Father’s Day, and thank you for being our rocks! I love you, Keifer. And Cooper and I think you are “The World’s Greatest Dad!”

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