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Kendra Wilkinson Wants to ‘Stop the Hate’ Coming From Her Parenting Critics

Kendra Wilkinson is still fighting mommy-shamers, and the fight is not getting any fairer. In fact, it seems that Wilkinson has finally been pushed to her limits, posting a lengthy clap-back at critics of her parenting skills who still find fault with how she chooses to parent her two children.

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On Sunday, Wilkinson really made her feelings known, and she didn’t mince words. Posting a photo of her sweet son, 8-year-old Hank Baskett IV, to Instagram, Wilkinson wrote a lengthy explanation of why she wants the hate and abuse being volleyed at her to stop immediately.

“Anyone who says anything negative about me as a parent are only going against what my kids see in me,” Wilkinson wrote to her followers. “I don’t get the hate at all. We can sit here n judge each other as moms n parents all day but what good is that doing? The way your kids see u n love u is all that matters.”

She continued a little later on in the caption, “We are all doing the best we can. People have different stories but that doesn’t mean they are bad. It’s a shame that our kids have to grow up in a world of such harsh criticism. It’s only hurting our next generation n not helping. Stop the hate and stop the abuse but always encourage love n respect people’s ways.”

Her closing sentiment is one that really hammers home her desire to spread love, not hate or judgment, in the parenting community: “I love hearing people’s parenting techniques n would never judge someone unless there’s hate involved.”

It’s not entirely clear what prompted Wilkinson to write the lengthy Instagram post, but if anyone should be the poster child for ending mommy-shaming, it’s Wilkinson. It’s not difficult to imagine that because of Wilkinson’s work or what she’s going through (she is a former Playboy Playmate and is currently in the middle of a divorce), others would be quick to judge her. But there’s no reason Wilkinson should be facing this kind of undue public criticism.
This is definitely not the first time Wilkinson has had to step up to the social media plate and send a strong cease and desist message to those loud parenting critics, either. Just a few weeks ago, on May 28, Wilkinson posted a photo to Instagram of herself and her kids goofing around during some R&R time, writing a forceful slam against critics.

“I’m doing the best I can in my life with the cards I’ve been dealt and I will continue to do that,” Wilkinson wrote. “I’m hurt because the world I thought was promised to me forever is now coming to an end. I’m not perfect with the way I’m reacting to my pain sometimes but I am getting stronger My kids, mom, dad, friends [and] therapy have been helping,” she concluded, pushing back against the negativity coming her way.

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Maybe rather than taking a critical approach, those inclined to judge will instead choose to support her, celebrate her or, at minimum, just back off with the hate. There’s no need to kick someone while they’re down, especially when it’s much more productive to help them.

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