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Anthony Bourdain’s Estranged Wife Comments on His Death

In some ways, the first week of June has been really, really tough, especially for celebrity news. Just days after fashion icon Kate Spade was found dead in her New York City apartment from an apparent suicide, world-renowned chef, television host, author and traveler Anthony Bourdain was found also dead in his hotel room in France, again from an apparent suicide.

On Sunday, his estranged wife, Ottavia Busia, shared a photo of their 11-year-old daughter, Ariane, on Instagram.

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In the caption on the Instagram post, which shows Ariane performing at a concert wearing studded, knee-high boots, Busia wrote, “Our little girl had her concert today. She was amazing. So strong and brave. She wore the boots you bought her. I hope you are having a good trip, wherever you are.”
Bourdain and Busia married in 2007 but separated amicably in 2016. They never officially divorced, according to The New York Times, and they have been supportive of each other in spite of the split. Prior to Bourdain’s death, they shared parenting responsibilities in raising Ariane.

He told People in 2016, “My wife and I live, have lived, very separate lives for years. There’s no drama here. We get along really, really well and it’s not a big lifestyle change happening here.” He also said that being away from his family up to 250 days a year was “really tough,” adding, “As a family, I think we’ve done a really good job and we’re doing a really good job and would like to keep it that way.”

Bourdain said that Ariane was used to his traveling schedule and that she “is a girl who knows her parents are weird. We have somehow managed to raise a very healthy, very happy, self-assured little girl who knows she’s loved, who finds her parents entertaining.”

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Bourdain’s mother, Gladys, told Page Six that because he and Busia never followed through on divorce, that makes Busia his legal next-of-kin. Although the family is still waiting for French officials to release his body, plans for his funeral are in Busia’s hands. “Although they’re separated, [Busia will] be in charge of whatever happens,” Gladys said. “We haven’t talked for a couple days. I’m sure she’s as broken up as I am.”

As Bourdain’s family begins to move forward, we wish them all the best. He is also survived by his girlfriend of two years, actor Asia Argento, who released a statement following his death on social media asking for privacy for herself and his family.

For more information on the warning signs and prevention of suicide, click here. If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or considering suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). If you live outside of the U.S., click here for a list of international hotlines.

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