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Jennifer Lopez Reveals the One Thing That Could End Her Relationship With A-Rod

Since they began dating last February, power couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been going full speed ahead as far as relationships milestones go: hitting red carpets together, blending their families, celebrating holidays and even buying real estate together.

But on Wednesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lopez shared the one thing that could rip apart J-Rod — and it’s not what you might expect.

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The triple threat, dressed in an amazing two-piece outfit, chatted about her love of sports before revealing that if she and Rodriguez ever went head-to-head athletically, it could spell the end of their relationship.

“If he beats me, it’s over,” she told Kimmel, laughing.

J.Lo ran track in high school and has “tons of trophies,” she said. “I’m so competitive in every way. It’s just something inside of me.”

Even though he’s firmly established as one of the elite athletes in the country, Lopez said that she’s competitive with A-Rod, too: “When we work out, I say, ‘I can beat you.'”

When the crowd responded with laughter, she said, “I’m not laughing!”

Lopez explained that the two never directly compete athletically, but she sometimes does in her mind while they’re at the gym. “He doesn’t even entertain my delusions,” she said with a laugh.

“If he does challenge you, it may lead to a competition,” Kimmel said. “And there’s no winning that for him.”

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Lopez and Kimmel also talked about the supportiveness she and Rodriguez show each other. Lopez goes to the baseball games that Rodriguez is working and listens to his commentary feed through an earbud. In return, A-Rod often goes to Lopez’s Las Vegas residency shows to admire her work.

“You guys really are in love,” Kimmel responded. “That is something!”

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The couple have been doing everything together lately, from supporting each other’s career to engaging in charity work to moving into a Manhattan condo. The last time Lopez was on Jimmy Fallon, in May, she also talked about her beau, discussing her new single “El Anillo,” which translates to “the ring.”

Lopez said there was no rush for a proposal from Rodriguez, but she also said, “I feel like there’s a point that all women get to where they’re like, ‘What’s up?’ It’s like, we’re good. Everything’s great. What’s going on? Am I staying or am I…?”

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