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The Small Details in the Queer Eye Season 2 Trailer That Mean So Much

Yes! Netflix finally released the trailer for Season 2 of Queer Eye, which premieres on the streaming service June 15 — smack in the middle of Pride month. How appropriate! This season has been generating a lot of buzz, and we’ve been dying for a sneak peek, so this trailer is everything. We’re especially excited about all the small details — and some of the big ones. Can you believe?

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Before we get started on the little details, we’ve got to point out that this is our first real glimpse of Queer Eye‘s first female hero (their name for the subjects whom they give “make-betters” — never makeovers) and the series’ first transgender hero. We love that this Queer Eye reboot is aiming to be more inclusive than its predecessor, starting with the Fab Five themselves and extending out to its heroes. The series is so moving and so good. We’re definitely going to need tissues again.

Now, let’s talk about all the fabulous things we caught in this trailer.

Diverse heroes

Queer Eye Season 2 offers make betters for all kinds of people
Image: Netflix

Much like its Season 1 heroes, Queer Eye is featuring a diverse cast of subjects for its Season 2 make-betters. We spotted people of color, plus-size people and people with different backgrounds and personal lives. It’s awesome to see a series that could focus on exclusively cisgender, heterosexual, white, thin men instead focus on lots of people who we might not normally see represented in this kind of show.

Karamo Brown’s mirror jacket

Karamo Brown rocks a mirror jacket in the Queer Eye Season 2 trailer
Image: Netflix

Culture expert Karamo Brown looks so stylish in a jacket made from… mirrors? That’s a pretty bold fashion statement right there. We didn’t even notice grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness wearing burgundy fur right next to him at first because Brown’s jacket is so wild.

These patterns, though!

Tan France rocks animal print in Queer Eye season 2 trailer
Image: Netflix
Bobby Berk rocks jungle print in the Queer Eye season 2 trailer
Image: Netflix
Jonathan Van Ness is gorgeous in lace in the Queer Eye season 2 trailer
Image: Netflix

The Fab Five always look amazing, but some of the patterns we spotted are just flawless. There are even more in the trailer that we couldn’t capture in all their glory, and we’re sure there are even more in Season 2 that didn’t make the cut for this trailer.

Antoni Porowski crying

Antoni Porowski cries at words of a Queer Eye Season 2 hero
Image: Netflix

When female hero Tammye tells the Fab Five to “continue making this world a better place,” food expert Antoni Porowski just starts crying. We can relate. Tammye calls him out and brings him in for a hug, which is amazing. Her episode, according to Entertainment Weekly, forced design expert Bobby Berk to face his problems with religion head-on.

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Casual affection among the Fab Five

Karamo Brown wipes a tear from Jonathan Van Ness's cheek
Image: Netflix

Brown, Van Ness, Porowski, Berk and fashion expert Tan France clearly love each other, but it’s especially obvious in how they express affection with each other. There’s a lot of supportive hand-holding in this trailer as well as Brown reaching over to wipe a tear from Van Ness’s cheek — which may or may not have made us tear up too.

Genuine romance

A proposal on Queer Eye season 2 has us needing tissues
Image: Netflix

In Season 1, Tom and Abby totally stole our hearts — and got remarried after their appearance on the show! We can’t wait to see the love stories that come out of Queer Eye Season 2: stories of romantic love, familial love, community love and, most important, self-love. June 15 can’t get here fast enough.

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