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Insider Claims Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett’s Divorce Is an ‘Unhealthy Situation’

It looks as though things have taken an acrimonious turn in Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s split. Wilkinson, who filed for divorce from her now-ex in April, let off some steam by live-tweeting a heated argument between the pair. In fact, the tension between Wilkinson and Baskett has gotten so bad that an Us Weekly source insists the situation has become unhealthy.

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On Tuesday, Wilkinson headed to Twitter to clue followers into the particularly nasty fight she was in the middle of with Baskett. In the since-deleted tweets, she gave a play-by-play of her ex’s insults and allegations — adding her own commentary in too, of course.

“He’s blaming me for his football career ending,” she wrote, followed closely by, “he’s blaming me for cheating on me while pregnant.”

It was clear from the onset the exes were not in a good place, considering Wilkinson’s first tweet in the string alleged Baskett was recording her. She even pleaded with her followers to “please tell him to leave me alone and stop.”

Wilkinson added on that note, “I’m minding my business and after I tell him to leave me alone he disrespects me. I’m trying to get out of my house fast. I’m beyond sad. But recording me is my trigger.”

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Presumably, after the melee was over (and the original tweets were deleted), Wilkinson returned to Twitter to further explain the feelings behind her tweetstorm.

“I tried so hard,” she wrote. “I did everything by the book and loved and I get shit on. I’m so sorry for u all to feel awkward rt now. When I was being recorded I felt threatened. Have a good day.” Wilkinson then added a final comment on the topic, saying, “When u feel like u give the best of yourself 24/7 and someone trying to take the best of u… it’s hard to breathe. Love u all.”

Those tweets have also since been deleted, but the lingering sentiment remains — Wilkinson and Baskett are in a bad place, and Wilkinson is understandably struggling emotionally.

According to E! News, Baskett realizes this and is using it to his advantage (which, c’mon, would be terrible and incredibly sad if true). “He knows what bothers her most,” an insider reportedly told the outlet. “He sees that she is trying to move on and wants to date again, and it’s something that triggers him. It has been an ongoing battle between the two.”

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The insider also confirmed there is a lot of animosity between the estranged couple, who have two children together: son Hank Baskett IV and daughter Alijah.

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