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We Talked With Jane Krakowski About Her Womance With Ellie Kemper

“I can’t say enough good things about her,” Jane Krakowski gushed to us about her Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt costar Ellie Kemper. Ever since we learned the hilarious pair would be extending their dynamic duo status from Netflix to Sonic’s commercials (say goodbye to “Two Guys” and hello to these two!), we’ve been dying to get the inside scoop on Krakowski and Kemper’s real-life dynamic. Spoiler alert? It does not disappoint.

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When we had the chance to chat with Krakowski, she sang Kemper’s praises. “My real-life dynamic is of complete admiration and respect for Ellie Kemper.” she shared. “I’ve always enjoyed her as a comedian and as a performer, but having just spent four seasons of television working with her, I have even more admiration. She is so professional, and she’s just been raised right. She’s just a great lady.”

More than ever, the Sonic spots make you ponder just how much fun it would be to spend time in Krakowski and Kemper’s company. Although Krakowski imagines Sonic chose the duo for their “comedic communication” together as opposed to their characters, it’s a safe bet that, yes, they are as hilarious as you might imagine.

“I think there are a lot of outtakes — I actually saw a whole bunch that I enjoyed very much,” Krakowski told us, laughing. “The outtakes are just as fun as the commercial spots are.”

It’s not hard to understand why she was drawn to the gig. However, Krakowski definitely has a lot on her plate, and that includes being a hands-on mom to 7-year-old son Bennett. The way Krakowski prioritizes her career understandably had to change.

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“Since becoming a parent, every decision is different now. I make every decision based on being a mom and taking care of my son and raising my son. I think that’s one of the beautiful things about becoming a parent — that everything becomes so much less about you and it becomes all about your child and raising your child. Which is a lovely thing in general, but I also think it’s an even more extraordinary thing for an actor sort of to not be thinking about themselves at all times,” Krakowski told us, letting out a robust laugh at that last thought.

So even though she says anytime she gets the opportunity to work with Kemper is “a no-brainer,” she still considered it through the lens of motherhood.

Such is true for everything too. “There’s not a daily decision that doesn’t involve your child from the day your child is born,” Krakowski said. “And so every job — whether it’s location-wise if I can do or how much time would be spent on the job — all of those things now come into consideration when looking for what to say yes or no to.”

To be clear, though, Krakowski wouldn’t have it any other way, calling it a “beautiful thing.”

This explains a lot when you consider Krakowski’s role in Hollywood as the go-to funny girl. To the busy working mom, laughter is always a sound exchange. She explained of her proclivity for comedic roles, “Hopefully, entertainment transports you from whatever it is going on in your day. I personally love doing comedy and making people laugh, so the more I get to do that, I feel very lucky in life.”

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