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The Ultimate Dad Rock Playlist for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is going to be a special day this year, especially if you have some exciting events planned for your dad, maybe a great gift or two just waiting to be unwrapped, and you’re just over-the-moon excited to lavish your pops with all the attention and love he deserves.

But do you know what would make this Father’s Day even more special? A really great playlist. Not just any playlist, mind you, but one filled with all of the classic songs your dad grew up listening to. He’ll be overwhelmed with nostalgia and thrilled to hear them on a playlist just for him.

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That’s where we come in. We’ve put together the ultimate playlist for Father’s Day, filled with songs that fall into the “dad rock” category. You know, those classic rock jams or country hits churned out by musicians like Blake Shelton, Van Halen and Bruce Springsteen. These dudes (and more!) have made dad rock songs in their day, and we rounded them all up for you onto one great playlist.

So, did your dad’s favorite make the cut? Keep scrolling and see for yourself!

1. Van Halen, “Jump”
Dads everywhere know that this Van Halen hit is the perfect way to get a party started.

2. Queen, “We Will Rock You”

A playlist without a Queen song is unthinkable, TBH.

3. Blake Shelton, “I’ll Name the Dogs”

A popular choice for the fathers of the world. Dad will appreciate seeing this Blake Shelton song on the playlist.

4. Aerosmith, “Walk This Way”

Trust us, your dad will love seeing this great Aerosmith hit come up on shuffle.

5. Florida Georgia Line, “May We All”

Florida Georgia Line’s anthemic, mid-tempo “May We All” features a whole lotta goodness — and Tim McGraw, to boot.

6. Daryl Hall & John Oates, “Rich Girl”

You may laugh, but Hall & Oates know how to lay down a perfect dad rock anthem, and “Rich Girl” is Exhibit A.

7. Huey Lewis & the News, “The Heart of Rock and Roll”

A little fun with Huey Lewis and the News never hurts, especially on a day like Father’s Day.

8. The Cars, “Just What I Needed”

The Cars are an ideal dad rock band, period. End of story.

9. John Mellencamp, “Jack & Diane”

Mellencamp’s storytelling and an iconic chorus make “Jack & Diane” a near-perfect rock song.

10. Pink Floyd, “Money”

You’ve heard your dad grumble about it your entire life. Now he can hear Pink Floyd sing about it, too.

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11. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, “Don’t Do Me Like That”

“Don’t Do Me Like That” is an infectious, upbeat rock track that never gets too old.

12. Darius Rucker “Wagon Wheel”

Darius Rucker’s country crooning is great for when you want to take a break with your dad and just hang out.

13. Thin Lizzy, “The Boys Are Back in Town”

Because chanting “The boys are back in town!” is way more fun when you do it with your dad.

14. Santana, “Black Magic Woman”

Santana’s incendiary guitar skills are on full display in “Black Magic Woman,” which means he needs a spot on our ultimate dad rock playlist.

15. Bruce Springsteen, “Born to Run”

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that dads love Springsteen, so of course our ultimate playlist involves one of Asbury Park’s finest.

16. Booker T. & the MGs, “Green Onions”

Booker T. & the MGs’ hit single “Green Onions” is the perfect music for you and your pops to drive to while you make your way to a special Father’s Day event.

17. Steve Miller Band, “The Joker”

This is the ultimate chill-out song from true classic rockers The Steve Miller Band.

18. Paul Simon, “You Can Call Me Al”

Who doesn’t love a little peppy, fun Paul Simon?

19. Cream, “Sunshine of Your Love”

We can assure you that the groovy tunes of Cream will make your dad feel like a teen again.

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And if you love all of these songs and want to keep the party going, fire up Spotify and tune in to our Dad Rock playlist, where you can find all of these classic songs in one place.

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