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Katy Perry Sent Orlando Bloom a Very Personal (& Public) Request

Katy Perry got an awkward reminder to be extra careful about knowing what she’s posting and where she’s posting it. Orlando Bloom, Perry’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, took to his Instagram on Thursday to post a teaser trailer for Killer Joe, the new play he’s starring in. For Perry, this must have seemed like the perfect opportunity to publicly support her fella. But what began as a casually posted comment ended up becoming an awkward TMI moment for the singer.

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The video of Bloom and his fellow Killer Joe cast — complete with the caption “When #life comes undone” — is a fairly standard teaser trailer. It’s grim, brooding and atmospheric, and admittedly, Bloom looks pretty damn attractive in it. It’s easy to see why Perry would get a little saucy in her comment.

But what Perry accidentally posted was both sexy and hilarious, given that it ended up as a public comment, not a private one. We managed to grab screenshots of Perry’s initial comment and follow-up explanation, so please, bask in their glory.

Her initial reaction to the Killer Joe teaser trailer got right to the point: “I need a season pass for that ass.” Whoa, slow down, sis.

Katy Perry Season Pass Comment Slide 1
Image: Orlando Bloom/Instagram

Perry’s follow-up came about a day after the initial comment (when a fan or friend probably alerted her to her mistake). She commented, “Oops, I meant to send that to you privately,” with a shrugging emoji.

Katy Perry Season Pass Slide 2
Image: Orlando Bloom/Instagram

Perry fell prey to one of the pitfalls of social media: accidentally making something meant for a private conversation public. But who among us hasn’t made this mistake before? And, sure, we might not have asked to see in Perry’s sexy comment to Bloom, but it’s kinda cute to see this hint that their relationship is going strong again.

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Both Perry and Bloom are balancing a lot as they make their rekindled romance work for them. In addition to getting back into the groove after making their relationship public again, Perry is taking her latest album, Witness, on a world tour while fulfilling judging duties on American Idol. Bloom is starring in Killer Joe in London through August 2018, and he’ll be finishing up filming on his upcoming TV series, Carnival Row, which is set to premiere in 2019.

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