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Mick Jagger Discovers Instagram Comments, Is Basically a Comedian Now

We need to find joy wherever we can get it these days. Lately, we’re getting it from Mick Jagger’s Instagram comments. Jagger may be busy these days, touring these days with the Rolling Stones (maybe you’ve heard of them?), but that doesn’t mean he’s not able to leave a funny comment or two on his son’s Instagram accounts — and we can’t get enough of it.

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Earlier this week, Twitter user @dpatrickrodgers posted four Instagram screenshots on his Twitter account with the caption, “My new favorite thing is Mick Jagger leaving dorky dad comments on his teenage son’s Instagram posts.” He’s not wrong; Jagger’s comments are pretty darn great.

The photos in the screenshots were all taken from the Instagram account of Lucas Jagger, 19. In one photo, Lucas is kicking back at what looks to be a music festival; in another, he’s staring pensively out into the sunset. In yet another, he’s walking by the ocean, and in the final one, he’s hanging out with friends.

Papa Jagger clearly saw a great opportunity to hop into his son’s comments and let loose with some grade-A dad comments. To Lucas’ music festival photo, he wrote, “Looks like fun. Ha!” and for Lucas’ seaside photo, he deadpanned, “Watch out for the water.” Oh, Mick, what are we going to do with you? Then again, these comments are so great, we’re hoping someone else unearths even more. Does he make a habit of this?

Mick shared custody of Lucas with his former partner Luciana Gimenez. Lucas is one of eight children that carry on the Jagger name. His eldest sibling is Karis Hunt Jagger (born in 1970), and his youngest sibling is Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger (born in 2016).

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It’s cute seeing Mick Jagger still staying connected to his son in whatever way possible. With a hectic work schedule and the two men moving in different circles these days, it’s lucky Instagram is around so that they can keep in touch — and we can laugh when the hijinks ensue.

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