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A New Elizabeth Taylor Doc Is Happening & It Will Focus on the Good Stuff

Elizabeth Taylor is a Hollywood icon who has fascinated us for decades. Although she died in 2011, her memory and legacy live on, allowing those of us who are intrigued by her to revisit her life again and again.

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It would seem that we’re not the only ones who are still fascinated. According to Page Six, a new docuseries has been commissioned about Taylor’s life. The series doesn’t have a premiere date yet, nor do we know where it will be shown. (A streaming service? A cable network? Your guess is as good as ours.) However, we do know that the series will take a more positive, thoughtful look at Taylor’s life. Specifically, it will focus on her life as an activist for various political causes, her charity work and her role as a boundary breaker for women in Hollywood during the Golden Age of film and beyond.

“The aim is to make the definitive look at the iconic Elizabeth Taylor as one of the originators of our contemporary concept of celebrity,” Page Six reports, “as a trailblazer for women working in Hollywood, and for the way she used her elevated status to forge frontiers in her activism and charitable work. The film will also examine Taylor’s role in the lives of her family and friends, in addition to her roles onscreen.”

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Always an outspoken, ferocious, loving person, Taylor was committed to a number of liberal-leaning causes and movements. She is perhaps best remembered for her work raising awareness and fighting for a cure during the HIV/AIDS crisis that swept through the United States in the 1980s. She was also very supportive of the Zionist movement after converting to Judaism in 1959.

Add to this a body of work filled with roles that allowed Taylor to push buttons, stomp all over archaic notions of how a woman should think, speak and act, and break the glass ceiling wherever she could, and there’s undoubtedly a lot for this docuseries to focus on.

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We’re curious to see how this docuseries develops, if only because it means we’ll get to spend a little more time with the always-amazing Elizabeth Taylor.

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