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Becca Kufrin Will Have an Arie-Themed Date Night, & We’re Already Over It

Listen, we’re all for Becca Kufrin getting over her heartbreak any way she can. She’s had it rough, especially considering one of the most notable heartbreaks she’s gone through happened on national television. And we all understand that the way former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. treated her by dumping her so brutally on live television will forever be part of Kufrin’s story as a public figure. But please, for Pete’s sake, can we please stop talking about him and referring to his breakup with Kufrin at every possible turn? It’s a silly wish, really, because it seems that the ghost of Luyendyk will continue to haunt Kufrin’s Bachelorette season way past the season premiere.

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On Thursday, we learned through Refinery29 that there will be a themed date night on an upcoming episode of The Bachelorette, and yes, the theme is “Arie Luyendyk Jr.” Well, more to the point, it’s going to involve Kufrin taking one lucky date into a room that will probably be filled with things that probably have Luyendyk’s face on it and that can also be smashed with such force that it literally and metaphorically wipes him out of Kufrin’s past. Sounds… fun?

The way Kufrin explained it during an interview with Good Morning America, this is supposed to be cathartic more than anything else. “Next episode, I will say, I do have my favorite date of all time,” she told the morning news show. “It’s called ‘the rage room’ and I go in with one lucky guy and we just smash everything from the past.”

Kufrin continued, giving the full 411 on this “rage room” date: “So I walked into this warehouse, and it’s [Luyendyk’s] old race car from last season, it’s the proposal playing on a loop on monitors that we can smash. We had sledgehammers, we had baseball bats, we had crowbars — everything. Everything was fair game! It was so fun.”

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We don’t doubt that this will be fun to watch, and yes, it will probably be totally cathartic for Kufrin. But… isn’t there another way to bond with one of the guys who is potentially trying to win your hand in marriage? Whatever happened to a good, old-fashioned dinner date?

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