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Katy Perry Flew Across the Country for Love (Kind Of)

If long-distance relationships ever seem unmanageable, try being a jet-setting celebrity — although the jet setting might actually make things a little bit easier. We could ask Katy Perry, who flew to London on Saturday to see Orlando Bloom in his new play in between stops on her Witness tour. Isn’t that sweet?

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Perry said during the American Idol finale on May 21 that she’s “not single,” which seems to confirm she and Bloom are back together in their on-again, off-again romance, although she didn’t mention him by name.

In April, the pair met the pope at the Vatican while on vacation together. A few days later, in an interview with the Times, Bloom said, “We had a really remarkable connection. And it’s difficult. She’s on tour, I’m doing a play, everything evolves. I have a lot of respect for her and a lot of deep feeling. So we will see.”

According to Us Weekly, Perry shared a photo on her Instagram Story on Saturday that showed a program for Killer Joe by Tracy Letts featuring Bloom on the cover. The play is a crime thriller set in the American South; it was turned into a film starring Matthew McConaughey in 2011 but is currently in previews at Trafalgar Studio 1. It officially begins its stage run on June 4 and will go until August.

“Doing a play is a need,” Bloom told The Times. “I mean, it’s a bit of an indulgence, to be honest. You are doing it for the love, certainly not for the money. But it’s wonderful to be able to go deep with a character, you don’t get the chance for four weeks’ rehearsal in film. You get two, three days if you are lucky. So it’s one of the times where you are learning the craft. It sets you up. Fuels the fire.”

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Although neither Perry nor Bloom have outright stated that they’re back together, it’s not often someone takes their only day off from tour to see an old flame in their new play. Per Us, Perry was back in Amsterdam the same night to perform at Ziggo Dome, meaning her trip to London was super-short. We hope they at least got a few minutes together before she had to rush back to tour.

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