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William H. Macy Wants His Daughters to Enjoy Sex & Have Plenty of It

It may feel odd to read about a father — namely, actor William H. Macy — speaking up about his daughters’ sex lives, but believe us when we say Macy’s opinions are refreshingly sex-positive, and we could do with more opinions like these in the world.

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While promoting the upcoming season of his hit TV show, Shameless, Macy got candid with Us Weekly about the topic of his daughters, Sofia, 17, and Georgia, 16, having sex and the way he wants to treat them as a father when they do come into their own as sexual people.

“You know, I started doing all the cliches, ‘I’m gonna threaten the guys, I’m gonna dig a moat around our house,’” Macy remarked. “And then I thought, ‘OK, what do you really want for your daughters?’”

Macy’s realization, which he goes on to reveal to Us, is one we don’t often hear from fathers, but gosh darn it, we really should. “And I realized: I want them to be happy and lusty and safe. I want them to have a lot of sex in their lifetime! Good, healthy wonderful sex with no guilt. That’s what I really want.”

It’s easy to get a bit puritanical about Macy’s remarks; we get it. But the thing is, it sounds like Macy is comfortable acknowledging the fact that his daughters will be having sex one day, and he wants to foster a healthy attitude toward sex. It’s the kind of opinion that implies he has been and will continue to be honest with his daughters about sex, and he won’t play into patriarchal stereotypes about controlling or repressing his daughters’ sexuality.

The Shameless star also commented that he’s already accepted that Sofia and Georgia, who are already hanging out with boys in more platonic yet intimate ways than he’s used to, are likely laying the groundwork now for future sexual relationships.

“They’re different than when I was a kid. Georgia and Sofia have all their pals over. They will have six or eight of their friends over. It’s pretty bizarre, especially with Sofia, to wake up in the morning and there’s some boy walking out of your daughter’s room! They all sleep together! I don’t think they have sex, well, I know they don’t.”

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At the end of the day, Macy sounds like he’s coolly accepted that his daughters are going to have sex; it’s just a fact of life. He seems to be handling it really well, and with a modern, positive approach like the one he’s illustrated to Us, it seems he really can’t go wrong.

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