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Leah Remini Is Switching Gears From Scientology to Jehovah’s Witnesses

Leah Remini isn’t finished fighting the good fight against religious overlords just yet. Not only is she moving forward with her flagship series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, but the sometimes-sitcom star also has her sights set on another controversial religious sect to expose: Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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Per The Hollywood Reporter, the religion will be the subject of a new project on A&E produced by Remini. Why Jehovah’s Witnesses? Because, as with Scientology, the religion has reportedly come under fire for polarizing practices like ostracizing members who disagree with any tenet of the religion and making frequent doomsday predictions.

In April, Remini made a deal with the network to develop new unscripted projects. The reported Jehovah’s Witness series is planned as the first in that vein. When news of the partnership first broke, the actor described the honor of “telling brave stories and bringing truth to light, no matter the obstacles.”

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Thanks to her Scientology exposé — which has already won an Emmy for outstanding informational series — Remini has found her niche.

She touched on this during a May 17 For Your Consideration panel discussion in Los Angeles, explaining of her work with A&E on the series, “I really found my heart here. Mike [Rinder, a consultant,] and I got into Scientology because we thought we were helping people. We wanted to make this world a better place; we thought we were doing that every day. Doing this program has fulfilled that side of our hearts. We finally feel like we are on the right side of doing real work and real good and really helping people. I’ve never been more heartbroken, but at the same time it’s been fulfilling.”

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Given Remini’s commitment to bringing the reported systematic abuses of Scientology to light, it’s safe to assume she’s on a mission to do the same with Jehovah’s Witnesses through this new project. And rumor has it she will continue to expose controversial religions, moving on to NXIVM after Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Stay tuned! This should be interesting.

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