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Padma Lakshmi Tells Fan, ‘Your Opinion Is Not Valuable’ When Discussing Race

Like thousands of other people across the world, Padma Lakshmi spent her Saturday morning watching Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, say I do to Prince Harry. But it wasn’t Meghan’s dress or makeup that was the highlight for Lakshmi. It was Meghan’s history-breaking minute-and-a-half-long walk down the aisle alone, which Lakshmi considered a huge move for brown and black women, that stuck with her hours later.

To express her emotion over watching an American biracial women be inaugurated into the British royal family, Lakshmi took to her Instagram to write a post about what Meghan’s wedding and skin color meant to her. In her post, she interpreted Meghan walking down the aisle alone as a message to women of color, specifically black and brown women, that they can live life on their own terms.

“The symbolism of Meghan Markle walking up to the church on her own is powerful: you don’t need to be escorted and given away – you are yours to give,” Lakshmi wrote. “I’m happy brown and black girls everywhere can see a version of themselves in her. That crown the Queen put on her head has been a long time coming. It’s time many more girls and women of color have crowns and can define who they are, on their own terms.”

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However, not everyone was pleased with Lakshmi’s message. Shortly after, a fan commented criticizing Lakshmi for making Meghan’s wedding about race. “The fact that Prince Harry chose her over others is symbolic in itself and you dont have to mention ‘Black and Brown’ everytime,’ the commenter wrote. “Dont have to be a feminist victim everytime.”

Not having someone minimize her experience as a woman of color, Lakshmi responded, telling the commenter, who was a man, “Nothing about what I said was being a ‘victim,’” Lakshmi wrote. “Your opinion is not valuable in commentary on a brown or black woman’s lived experience.”

Padma Lakshmi Claps Back
Image: padmalakshmi/Instagram

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Lakshmi is right. Whether Meghan intended her wedding to be a message to women of color or not, the commenter was wrong in denying her experience. She can interpret the royal wedding however she pleases. And besides, judging from the internet fanfare around Meghan and her Black mom at the royal wedding, it’s safe to say Lakshmi wasn’t alone in her opinion.

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