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Which British Royal Gave Christina El Moussa’s New Man Dating Advice?

So, Christina El Moussa’s boyfriend, British TV presenter Ant Anstead, knows a member of the British royal family, and he’s on texting terms with them and sought out dating advice from them recently. It’s a bombshell Anstead dropped on us so casually and yet we have so, so many questions. But let’s start from the beginning.

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Last weekend, Anstead did what many of us chose to do and took to social media to post about the royal wedding. While reposting a photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, from the wedding and wishing them both the best, Anstead also revealed that he once texted Harry for dating advice.

It began as an adorably emoji-filled Instagram photo caption and ended with a bang. Anstead honored Harry’s life and accomplishments while praising the newlyweds. “Congratulations to the royal couple! This chap is proper fella! Lost his mum as a kid, fought in the army, stands for tons of charities and instrumental in the Invictus games plus so so so much more! And aside from all of that is a cheeky chap with a great sense of humour who truly represents a current and modern 21st-century royal! Hats off to you.”

But then, Anstead revealed right at the end, “P.S. I text[ed] Harry a few months ago asking for tips for dating a Yank. His reply will be kept secret!!!!!!!”

This only leads to tons of questions from us. How does Anstead know Harry? When will we get to hear the story of how they met? How often do they text one another? And perhaps most crucially, what is the dating advice that Harry gave Anstead? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Even though Anstead doesn’t plan to reveal what advice Harry gave him about dating an American, everything is going pretty darn well if El Moussa’s and Anstead’s social media posts are any indicator. Anstead and El Moussa have only been together for a few months but they’re so smitten with one another it’s hard to believe Anstead sought out any dating advice at all. That said, if you’re going to get your dating advice from anyone, you may as well get it from a member of the royal family.

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