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Jennifer Aniston Is Going to Play a Lesbian POTUS & We’re So Into It

Netflix is giving us another female president in an upcoming original movie, and this one also happens to be a lesbian! It’s like a dream come true — especially considering the announced cast and crew, both of which feature actual queer women. This news is awesome.

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Here are the details we have so far: Netflix released a statement on Friday about the upcoming original comedy First Ladies, starring one of our favorite ladies, Jennifer Aniston, as the first female president of the United States. She just so happens to also be the first POTUS in a same-sex marriage, meaning she gets to represent at Pride as more than just a straight ally. In possibly even cooler news, Aniston’s first lady will be played by none other than lesbian icon Tig Notaro.

According to Vulture, Aniston and Notaro are also producing the Netflix original film, alongside Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, Jessica Elbaum, Betsy Koch and costar (and Notaro’s IRL wife) Stephanie Allyne. With this team working behind the scenes and in front of the camera, First Ladies is sure to be a hit — especially because it taps into a desire for more LGBTQ films that aren’t focused solely on tragedy. Of course, we don’t know for sure that no one will die in this film, but we can certainly hope, based on the description.

Netflix’s full statement reads, “First Ladies is a political comedy about America’s first female president and her wife, the first lady. When Beverly and Kasey Nicholson move into the White House, they’ll prove that behind every great woman… is another great woman.” We can definitely get behind that!

Aniston recently signed on to do another Netflix comedy with her Just Go With It costar, Adam Sandler. First Ladies is her second film with the streaming giant. Meanwhile, Notaro has had multiple releases with Netflix, including the 2015 documentary film Tig, which chronicled her battle with breast cancer and her attempts to become pregnant with Allyne. In May, Notaro released the stand-up special Happy to Be Here.

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We don’t have many details for First Ladies outside of the official Netflix statement, but we’re excited for the concept alone. We don’t even need any more details to be all in for this ride! Since Sense8 is ending in June with one final special and Everything Sucks! was canceled after just one season, Netflix needs more lesbians. Presidential lesbians are just a really cool bonus.

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